How to customize the browser toolbar

A few people have had difficulty placing the Perspectives icon into their toolbar. Thanks, these reports are appreciated, and we always want to help you get things working! Perspectives *should* automatically place itself in the toolbar when it is installed, but if that doesn’t happen – or if you just want to move it someplace else – that is also possible.

Here is a guide on how to place icons and customize your toolbar in Firefox and SeaMonkey. See if these tips work for you (and if not, let us know! Either by leaving a comment or by sending an email to the mailing list!)

Customizing The Toolbar

0. Install Perspectives by visiting and clicking ‘Add to Firefox’ or ‘Add to SeaMonkey’. You will need to restart your browser.

1. Right-click anywhere on the toolbar (the place that displays your tabs, your location, and the back/forward buttons). You will see a context menu. Click on ‘Customize…’.

-OR- You can also click on the orange Firefox bar at the top and click Options -> Toolbar Layout

-OR- If you have a MenuBar, click on View -> Toolbars -> Customize

2. If the Perspectives icon is not present in your toolbar, it will appear in the ‘Customize Toolbar’ window.

3. You can click and drag the Perspectives icon (or any other component) into an available toolbar to place it in your browser. For example, you can place the Perspectives icon beside the location bar:

or you can place it in the Add-ons bar at the bottom of the browser:

(If you don’t have an Add-on bar, right-click again anywhere on a toolbar and check ‘Add-on Bar’)

4. Once you have the Perspectives icon in a good place, click ‘Close’ to close the ‘Customize’ window. The Perspectives icon will now stay in the same place until you move it (or unless moved by another extension).


Please let us know if you still can’t get it working!



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