Perspectives Server 3.3 Released

I’m happy to announce an update to the Perspectives Server code – version 3.3! This release contains some performance and privacy improvements, as well as changes to help run and administer notaries on linux machines:

  • Disable logging of request headers in newer versions of CherryPy
  • Add bash scripts to help administer notaries under unix environments (Dan’s original shell scripts from the psv-admin depo merged and updated for the current version). This should make it easier to run a notary, and you no longer need to sync two git projects.
  • Speed up the scripts that list or print database records to run in less time and use less memory
  • Improved documentation on upgrading notaries (both from 2->3.2 and 3.1->3.2)
  • Updated documentation on how to run a notary on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Other error fixes and exception handling

You read correctly: the guide on how to run a notary using Amazon Web Services has been updated! Many people were asking for this, and the steps should now walk you through everything. The blog post will also be updated to point to the new guide.

The version 3.3 update contains no data changes, only code changes, so upgrading is easy! The steps are: stop your server, sync new code (with ‘git pull’), and start your server again. These steps have also been included in a text file in git, at doc/upgrades/3.2to3.3/.

We recommend that everyone running a notary perform an upgrade.

As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment here or ask us on the mailing list.

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