Perspectives 4.5 Released

I’m happy to announce that Perspectives 4.5 has been released! This release contains several bug fixes and adds the ability to use https (encrypted) queries with notaries that support it.

If you use a notary that supports https connections, simply add ‘https:⁄ ⁄’ in front of the notary address, like so:

Screenshot of the Perspectives preferences dialog, with 'https://' added in front of a notary URL

Add ‘https’ in front of your notary to send encrypted queries! Don’t forget to update the port! (likely 443)


Don’t forget to update the port number, which is likely 443.

The default notaries have not yet been upgraded to use https by default, but changes to make that happen are planned for future updates.


This update has been submitted to the Mozilla Addons site, and will be automatically published once it has been reviewed by the Addons team. You can also download it directly via this link.

If you have questions or comments feel free to leave a comment here or talk to us on the mailing list.


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