Notary Servers

The Perspectives Project maintains a set of 10 “official” network notary servers for public use.  These servers are available thanks to the generous donations of server resources by AWS in Education

You are also free to use these notary servers, use servers from a third party, or run your own.

We also maintain a list of unverified third-party notary servers.

Perspective Project Notary Information

The Perspectives Project notaries monitor over 350,000 remote sites twice daily.  The notaries are diverse in terms of geography and upstream service providers.  Most notary servers are scattered across the United States, but the set includes a server in both Asia and in Europe.

Perspectives Project Notary Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.  All network notary servers adhere to a strict policy of never recording client IP addresses when a client performs a notary look.

Additionally, the Firefox client lets you configure the scenarios when the client should contact Notaries. In fact, you can set the preferences of the Firefox client to ask permission each time before contacting notaries.

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